Company Overview


KAMI FARMING SDN. BHD. (593359-T) is a leading vertically integrated poultry farming company based in Penang, Malaysia. KAMI FARMING grows steadily with sustainable farming, proper bio-security measures, modern technology infrastructures in addition to devoted and committed management team to strive for operational excellence.

Malaysia is ranked as one of the highest poultry consumers in the world. Chicken is the most significant sources of protein, essential vitamins and minerals for majority of Malaysian consumers. In this context, we have been a trusted and knowledgeable industry resource for over thirty years. KAMI FARMING strives to improve competencies and ensures the best quality of protein source is provided to the consumers.

Our Executive Chairman, Mr. Goh Swee Long started off KAMI POULTRY FARM, a poultry farming business which focuses in kampung chicken farming back in year 1986. KAMI FARMING SDN. BHD. was established in year 2003. With decades of innovation and expansions, KAMI diversifies its poultry farming business into feedmilling, breeder farming, hatchery, broiler and kampung chicken farming.